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How to Make Biodiesel

How to Make Biodiesel Overview Biodiesel can me made by nearly anyone in a simple process that is often compared to brewing beer. For this reason it is possible for nearly anyone to take control of their own energy independence by making their own fuel. It is made by a chemical reaction known as transester... Read more »

Solar Ovens - Basic Guide to Solar Cooking

I have been using a solar oven for the past 5 years to cook what my family likes to eat. I could list everything it cooks here, but I'd sound like an infomercial. Just know that solar ovens bake, steam and boil. You name it, they can cook it. Okay, maybe not roast, suckling pig. But what it cooks, it cooks without electricity... Read more »

Building Healthy Soil

What's in the soil? Soil texture and type Improving soil structure Soil pH Soil testing Frequently asked questions What's in the soil? Though some gardeners may be blessed ... Read more »

Most Popular BooksBooks

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Organic, Inc. : Natural Foods and How They Grew

    by Samuel Fromartz; Harcourt
Business writer Samuel Fromartz set out to get the story behind this surprising success after he noticed that his own food choices were changing with the times. In Organic, Inc., Fromartz traces organic food back to its anti-industrial origins... View details »

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Ecological Design

    by Sim Van Der Ryn, Stuart Cowan (Contributor), Stuart Cowen; Island Press
Ecological Design presents a vision of how the living world and the human world can be rejoined by taking ecology as the basis for design--adapting and integrating human design with natural processes. The authors weave together case studies, personal... View details »

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Wind and Solar Power Systems

    by Mukund R. Patel; CRC Press
The most modern and complete book available on renewable energy, it explains how wind and solar energy generate electrical power and shows how to design a complete power system.... View details »

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The New Strawbale Home

    by Catherine Wanek; Gibbs Smith Publisher
The New Strawbale Home compiles floor plans and images from thirty cutting-edge homes across North America, from California to Quebec, New Mexico to New England, showcasing a spectrum of regional styles and personal aesthetic choices. This practical ... View details »

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