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Sustainable Guide Business Directory

Admit it, you can't do everything yourself. Not to worry. Sustainable Guide's Business Directory connects you to the best environmentally friendly businesses, simple living gurus, and sustainable living resources out there. Think of it as an online yellow pages business directory for sustainable living.

Know (or run) an environmentally friendly business that should be in this directory? Please, make a recommendation.


Enertia Building Systems, Inc.

Solar kit homes that require no furnace or fuel. Attractive, award-winning designs use new inertial (Earth-Mass) technology to be self-sufficient... more »

Bamboo Technologies

Affordable, environmentally sensitive, prefabricated bamboo homes shipped to building sites worldwide, assembled in three-five days. See a gallery of house and resort styles online... more »

FirstDay Cottage

A house kits specifically designed for inexperienced owner-builders. FirstDays are built with a unique building system designed for the amateur, so they require few tools, are tolerant to error and are still extremely strong and elegant... more »

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

The founder of the company, Jay Shafer, has been designing homes ranging from 50 to 750 square feet since 1997. He has lectured about subtractive design for green building seminars and schools. Today he lives in a 70 square foot home of his own making... more »

Mrs. Lavender Cleaning & Housekeeping, Inc.

Environmentally friendly cleaning service. All non-toxic. "Allergic, asthmatic, or chemically sensitive? Do you eat organic food? Living holistically? Care about Mother Earth? We're on your side!".. more »

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