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Home Building:Architects & Designers

Ikan Consulting, LLC

Ikan sustainable green building consultants work directly with owners, architects, engineers, and other real-estate professionals to integrate quality, and exceptional performance into specific building projects... more »

Classic Homeworks

Full-service remodeling and design that transforms older homes into "healthy homes" - homes that are healthy for the family and community... more »


An industry leader in sustainable design, one of the largest full-service architecture, engineering and environmental consulting firms in the Mid-Atlantic Region... more »

Christopher P. Williams Architects

Specializes in the design of buildings suited to their environment. Projects include commercial, institutional, and custom residential. Winner of numerous design awards... more »

Amacher & Associates

Full service architecture firm with over 20 years of experience in design and development for residential and commercial clients. Promotes sustainable building practices and encourages environmentally friendly, resource efficient methods and materials... more »

Todd Jersey Architecture

A small firm with large project experience, Todd Jersey Architecture is dedicated to designing buildings that create good function and inspiring beauty while demonstrating fiscal accountability and good earth stewardship... more »

Architectural Harmonics

Architectural firm specializing in environmentally responsible design and community planning. Blends sustainable building techniques with traditional forms to create "harmoniously beautiful and affordable healthy buildings.".. more »

Unifaux, Inc.

Specialty painting and plastering, clay plasters, Venetian/all-Italian plasters, faux finishing, gilding, color washes/glazing. Natural, creative, elegant, durable, beautiful, custom wall finishes... more »

J. Stephen Lane Architect

Architect with more than thirty years experience in designing environmentally responsible homes to meet the needs and reach the ideals of each individual homeowner... more »

Earth & Sky Architecture LLC

Combines professional architectural experience with expertise in environmentally sound building design to assist you in designing your dream home, while using the best eco friendly products the planet has to offer... more »

AMD Architecture

A small, woman owned firm specializing in environmentally sustainable architecture. Their expertese in sustainable design encompasses site planning, building design, energy and water efficiency, materials selection, and alternative energy systems... more »

Environment Associates, Architects & Consultants

Over 20 years pioneering environmentally responsible architecture. Award-winning design of healthy home and climate-based passive design, solar, straw bale, other alternative construction. Design counseling... more »

Artefact, Inc.

Small, woman-owned architecture firm dedicated to creating simple, elegant buildings using sustainable, environmentally sound, and health-promoting materials. Also specializes in historically sensitive renovations and additions... more »


Full-service interior design firm offering a broad range of services and products. Provides less toxic alternatives for home products and offers the services of interior specialists who help deal with allergies and chemical sensitivities... more »

Ecologic Homes

Residential design combining the least toxic materials, ergonomics, energy efficiency, and passive solar with graceful form. Phone consultations for solutions to sick buildings. Certified Bau-Biologist... more »

Living Shelter Design

Small, woman-owned architectural firm that specializes in custom home and remodeling design. Promotes the use of local natural materials, resource-efficient construction methods, and non-toxic finishes to produce a sustainable and energy efficient design... more »

Arkin Tilt Architects

A small firm with extensive experience in alternative construction systems, including straw-bale and rammed earth, renewable energy systems, greywater, non-toxic and recycled materials. Projects include residential and commercial planning and design... more »

Earthly Ideas LLC

Provides sustainable development consulting services for commercial, institutional, and residential clients. Expertise in project coordination, waste management, material selection and specification, deconstruction, and LEED™... more »

AJ Stones Design Construction

A small design/build remodeling firm specializing in energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, toxic-free and lead safe building and remodeling... more »

Watrous Associates Architects

Specializes in passive-solar construction. Their designs produce beautiful, light-filled and energy-efficient homes and businesses... more »

Down to Earth

Provides services exclusively related to healthy and ecological structures. Specializing in energy & water conservation, passive solar design, and eco-friendly materials, construction support services for strawbale and earthen elements... more »

TerraLogos: Eco Architecture, p.c.

Full service architecture and planning firm specializing in green building, LEED Coordination, sustainable design consulting for new construction or renovation, on residential and commercial projects (Mid-Atlantic region)... more »

LineSync Architecture

Innovative architectural design. Award-winning firm known for listening to and working closely with clients and their dreams. Specialties include nontoxic homes, passive solar, and grid-free... more »

Harvey Cohn Architecture PLLC

Provides a full range of architectural services to clients with an emphasis on energy conserving and environmentally responsible design. Registered in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and nationally certified... more »

Courtney Miller Architects

Residential and commercial design firm integrating the finest architectural and interior design with advanced green building practices and energy-efficient land use principles... more »

The Epsten Group, Inc.

Ecological, healthful architectural design/consulting. Homes, resorts, community/commercial buildings, interiors, landscapes. Sensitive-sites, solar, energy/water conservation, healthful materials. Dagmar B. Epsten, AIA, CCS, LEED™ Accredited Professional.. more »

Terra Sol Design & Building

Specializes in designing healthy, sustainable, energy efficient custom homes. creativity combine the best attributes of natural building materials and finishes including, straw bale, post & beam, cob and earth plasters with more conventional wood framing... more »

The Office of Michael Rosenfeld, Inc., Architects

Environmentally integrated, energy efficient residential, educational, religious, corporate, and municipal designs inspired by natural and built contexts. New construction, additions, renovations, adaptive re-use, masterplans... more »

Morse & Cleaver Architects

Residential and commercial green designs, including straw bale, rastra, feng shui, permaculture, and solar design... more »

Sunlight Homes

Environmentally friendly, beautiful custom homes; small or large. Ultra energy efficient, updated passive/active solar design, daylighting, super insulated SIP structure. Available nationally... more »

Sandra Vitzthum Architect LLC

Traditional and ecological design, specializing in New England classical and straw bale houses. Focuses on craftsmanship and local materials... more »

Proactive Architecture, Inc.

Skilled architectural designers, expert in sustainable design, voting member of National Energy Standards committee, LEED 2.0 accredited professional, committed to design for the next generation... more »

Hoag Associates - Architecture & Planning

Provides refined architectural, design, planning and management services, with guiding themes of sustainability, care for the community, respect for all nature, and the creativity, sensitivity, comfort, health, quality and appropriate design... more »

Craig Bagley, Architect

An architectural practice emphasizing sustainable design. Environmentally friendly use of materials and energy-conserving features. Licensed architect with over 30 years of experience... more »

Janet Harrison, Architect

Woman-owned firm committed to environmentally responsible building, energy efficiency, natural and recycled materials, and universal design... more »

Design Forward

Architectural design firm promoting the use of Sustainable and Green Building, Straw Bale Construction, Renewable Energy, and Modern Architecture. Offering design and consulting services for straw bale, sustainable materials, and standard construction... more »

Jay Lynch & Associates, Architecture

Affordable housing, Indian tribal housing, and alternative construction, including natural and environmentally friendly materials such as earth (adobe) block, straw bales, small round timber framing. Solar utilization, energy conservation experts in SW CO.. more »

Shelter Architecture

Shelter Architecture is a design firm with a focus on sustainable practices. Shelter Architecture brings award winning design within reach of every budget... more »

Kari Bremer, Natural & Green Design

Design & construction docs, consulting & project management of straw bale, timber frame, adobe, local & healthy materials, energy efficient, passive solar & sustainable development. Harmonizing, practical architectural plans. Lectures & hands-on training... more »

1 – 39 of 39 found.

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