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Home Building:Builders

Quality & Quantity Construction Services

Environmentally conscious design-build, remodeling, and structural repairs. NARI-certified, green building professional... more »

Natural Energy Designs

NED, Inc. is a sustainable consulting firm specializing in sustainable green building and remodeling using the most appropriate and cost efficient technologies available for your site... more »

Jarrett Construction Company

Jarrett construction has built over 70 unique projects since 1977, continually improving and refining craftsmanship and design... more »


Builds to LEED specifications, using healthy materials that are fire & storm resistant, termite & rot proof, energy efficient, require less maintenance, have better indoor air quality & costs the same or less than a traditionally built custom home... more »

Solarearth Architects & Builders

Design and construction services for sustainable buildings: integration of passive solar heating and cooling, solar and wind power, water catchment and storage, and permaculture landscapes... more »

Solid Green Structures

A green home builder providing energy efficient custom homes, with elegant, timeless design solutions. They use green materials and sustainable construction to help families build great homes that lower their utility bills and overall maintenance costs... more »

1 – 6 of 6 found.

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